Bingo balls and art&stalls!

So in the aftermath of the bingo fundraising frenzy you may not have noticed that we updated our website!

You can check out all our different performers and shows, we’re really excited to have Emily from the paper dolls perform aerial, petty cash (spoken word collective) are coming down, as is Branwen from twin headed wolf. Just check the page eh!

Also we’re getting way more workshops confirmed, but there’s still space if you have secret skills that you wanna share with the world.

We’re especially looking for folk who might wanna put on stalls, which can be anything related to womyns rights, trans* issues, feminism, safer spaces, zines and campaigns and more. The stalls are gonna be on all day Saturday (27th).

We’re also after womyn & trans* artists to show their stuff at Seomra Spraoi for the weekend, please get in touch if you wanna get involved!

And we’ll see you all on Thursday for our next film screening of “Foxfire” 🙂
CInema flyer side 2


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