Month: February 2015

Next meetin..

Hey folkses, so we’re having our third meeting next Sunday (the 1st March), and you are most welcome to come! We need folks with drawing skills, or people with friends in smart places (workshop givers)/ friends who’re in bands. but rly we need folks who’re just excited to be involved. no previous knowledge required 🙂
All women & trans* folk are welcome to come help organise.
It’s gonna be in Tenterhooks, (this nice DIY gig space), which is in Newmarket next to the Food Co op in Dublin 8.
Startin at 6pm
Let us know if you’ve any questions/need help with directions
cya thur!

~the lady&trans* fest organising crew


Lady and Trans* Fest 2015

Funderbirds are go!

Lady and Trans* Fest 2015 is happening, lovely people! If you want to get involved contact us via

We are currently at the planning stage and are getting some fundraisers organised 🙂 We’ll need performers, artists, workshop-givers, and all kinds of behind the scenes help so if you’re interested, let us know!

This coming May on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th, a badass queer/feminist D.I.Y. festival Lady and Trans*fest will roll into Dublin like a giant glitterball to smash patriarchy in the face!

Lady and Trans*Fest exists to promote womyn and trans* people within music, art and activism. The festival aims to create a safer space for queers and rebels, and encourage female and trans* voices to be heard. This means that all performing acts will have a majority or consist entirely of wimmin & trans* folk.

This festival has a history internationally and within Ireland as a positive movement and creative form of empowerment. All genders are welcome!

Keep an eye out here and on our facebook for updates!