Lady and Trans* Fest 2015

Funderbirds are go!

Lady and Trans* Fest 2015 is happening, lovely people! If you want to get involved contact us via

We are currently at the planning stage and are getting some fundraisers organised 🙂 We’ll need performers, artists, workshop-givers, and all kinds of behind the scenes help so if you’re interested, let us know!

This coming May on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th, a badass queer/feminist D.I.Y. festival Lady and Trans*fest will roll into Dublin like a giant glitterball to smash patriarchy in the face!

Lady and Trans*Fest exists to promote womyn and trans* people within music, art and activism. The festival aims to create a safer space for queers and rebels, and encourage female and trans* voices to be heard. This means that all performing acts will have a majority or consist entirely of wimmin & trans* folk.

This festival has a history internationally and within Ireland as a positive movement and creative form of empowerment. All genders are welcome!

Keep an eye out here and on our facebook for updates!


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