Aww yeah we’re doing a queer table quiz!

pubquiz-2How queer can we make good Friday in preparation for lady & trans* fest?

To accomplish this mission, we suggest the following:

1. Teams of max. 5 people.
2. Suggested Donation of 5 Euros per person
3. A tipple of your choice, that you may bring yourself.

Giggles will be induced by the great comedian Niamh at half time.

Fantastic prizes for exceptional contenders. (Yes, prizes will be given for creativity, style and probably glitter).

Please rock up promptly at 7.30pm to Jaja Studios, which is at 1b Cowper Street in Stoneybatter.

ALSO FEATURING Face2Face with Marriage Equality who will be taking pictures of folks who want to have their picture taken, who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum or as a straight ally and are over 18. These two wonderful people are running a photography project to ‘give a face to the marriage equality referendum and show the faces this will affect’. Check out & like their facebook page:

Get ready, get excited.

♥ ♥ ♥


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