The “Get Lucky ” Art Show is coming to Dublin!!

The exhibition was originally shown in London as a part of a Valentine’s Weekend put on by The Love Sex, Hate Sexism Collective in collaboration with Reel Rebels Radio.
The Love Sex Hate Sexism Collective is a small group dedicated to raising awareness of sexism and sexual assaults within punk and alternative communities, while also promoting healthy sexual attitudes. They work to fight prejudice, abuse and discrimination in any form to build a united and safer community.

We are super stoked to announce it will now be held in conjunction with Lady&trans Fest Dublin this year and will be on display for the weekend of the festival (May 8-10)

We are looking for artists working in any media to submit work with both the Love Sex, Hate Sexism ethos and Lady&Trams*fest ethos. This can be work that celebrates positive sexual attitudes and awareness, or work that challenges sexism. We’d love to see submissions from within punk and/or alternative communities, with a feminist/queer/trans* perspective

Positive sexual health is quite a broad spectrum which can include (but not exclusive too) issue of consent, gender equality, LGBTQ* equality, female empowerment, sexual choices- from abstinence to fetish and anything in between. It’s about informed / enjoyable decision making.

Work that challenges sexism can encompass even more topics.
It can challenge gender roles; men, women and non-binary folk all suffer from sexist stereotyping.
It can represent the underrepresented in a more positive and inclusive light.
Challenging sexism can look at understanding privilege; what that actually means and its effects.

*If you would like to submit work, or get some more information, please send an email to
detailing your name, website or links to your work and what you’d like to submit (medium and size).

**The deadline for expressing interest in displaying work is Monday 4th of May.

***All pieces must be physically submitted by Wednesday 6th of May.


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