About us

Lady&trans*Fest Dublin is a bad-ass queer/feminist D.I.Y. weekender festival coming this May 8th, 9th and 10th!
This’ll be our second year running the festival, but it also happens in different forms all around the world.  Wimmin&trans* organised, the event  is celebrating feminist-queer-trans* arts & culture, with music, theatre, workshops, films, spoken word, and discussions.
We want to build a platform to hear wimmins* voices, trans* voices, young voices and old voices, people of colour’s voices and those which mainstream culture so rarely encourages to speak LOUDLY, if at all. This is a space for us folks to sing, share, shout, rap, and teach… This means that all performing acts will have a majority or consist entirely of wimmin & trans* folk.

As a festival we want to help create a safer space for queers and rebels, and we want to help foster an environment of inclusivity, and awareness of intersectionality.
We decided to call it Lady&TRANS*Fest as opposed to the traditional ‘ladyfest’, just ‘cos while it’s awesome to be a lady, it’s also awesome to be a butch, a trans guy, a genderqueer persyn, a trans womyn and any other awesome gender expression. Feminism to us means challenging all patriarchy and domination, including those which we’ve internalised.

ALL genders are welcome to attend the festival, as well as volunteer!

This festival will be FREE! To make this happen we’ve got really deadly fundraising events coming up, check here for updates! Money will go towards travel costs, venue spaces, and publicising events.

If you’d like to read more about trans* solidarity, you could check out this awesome trans* words glossary


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