Are cis men welcome to come to Lady&trans*fest ?

Lady&trans*fest is organised by a small collective of women and trans* folk. All our bands, workshops givers, and artists will mostly consist of women, trans people and intersex folk. All genders are welcome to come to the festival. Be aware that some workshops might only be open to women and trans people.

What does ‘cis’ mean?
A cis person is a person who identifies with the gender that they were assigned at birth.

There’s a man in that women & trans* only workshop! What do I do?
We ask for everyone who comes to Lady&trans* fest to be aware of their privileges, and consider whether it’s appropriate for them to attend certain different workshops. If you are a cis man please do not attend the workshops that are only open to women and trans people.
We are gonna do our best to make that clear at the festival, therefore we ask everyone not to take it upon themselves to question people’s genders in workshops. Please don’t assume that you know someone’s gender because of how they dress/talk/appear.



  1. hey 🙂 i am daniel 25 years old and from germany. i am volunteering in cork with people with disabilitys. on saturday morning i will arrive in dublin. who can host me, please? i really do not mind with who and how many people i would have to share a room. so i would be very thanksful to here from you. see you soon.

    1. Hey! sorry if we weren’t so clear there and if how we phrased that made folks feel uncomfortable. feel free to email us if you’d like to talk about it. ladyfestdublin@riseup.net
      also *really* sorry how long it took us before we change it.

      (this is what was written here before..)
      Are men welcome to come to Lady&trans*fest ?
      Lady&trans*fest is organised by, and the majority of performances will be by womyn, trans* and intersex folk. However the festival will be open to all genders, but be aware that some workshops may only be open to certain genders.

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