Lady & Trans* Fest 2014


Lady & Trans* Fest 2014, was awesome. If you missed it, don’t worry, we’re doing it again this year!
Here’s what happened..


We had these workshops.. (see descriptions at this bottom of this page!)


And we had these awesome gigs.. (go to the bottom for links & descriptions for the bands!)

punk2 outhouseposterfin cabaret

Before it even started we had these fundraisers..



Some pictures from bingo night..

and we had these film nights, which were kinda fundraisers but more just fun things to do.
CInema flyer side 2

Cinema flyer side 1

SO! Here’s info from the gig nights..

FRIDAY NIGHT – punk at Sweeney’s, Dame St


facebook event page

-Crusty P
(Straight outta the squat – the only female crusty punk rapper to walk the filthy streets of NYC)

(sweet screamy acoustic folk punk – UK)

-Fierce mild
(post punk/riot grrrl raucous, with a member of Party Weirdo – Dublin)

-Rail Yard Ghosts
(very crusty travelers playing rowdy folk punk – USA)

– Fancy Eggs
(Debut gig from messer punx ft. members of Fag Enablerz and Putrefaction – Dublin)

-Alien She
(Raw, noizey, raging three piece. Garage punk with a dark edge – Dublin)

(Raw noize attack, d-beat excellence featuring members of Wölfbait, Fag Enablerz and Abaddon Incarnate – Dublin)

SATURDAY NIGHT – Theatre at The Outhouse


facebook event page

Petty Cash
Dublin Spoken Word collective

-Extracts from the Vagina Monologues

-Branwen from Twin Headed Wolf
creepy, mystical and timeless music that’ll haunt you (from County Clare)

SUNDAY NIGHT –  Cabaret the draggy way at Seomra Spraoi


facebook event page

MC’d by Julian Mandrews,
Drag royalty

-Aerial hoop performance

-Mieke Rose
silky and melodic folk music

-Feral Booty
traditional folk music from the post apocalyptic future

-Old Moon
Barbershop quartet that’ll blow yr face off

-The train wrecked chicken bones
Spoooky scrapped together scats with accordian, guitar, saw and howls

Seeing Red Project
Erotic menstrual art performance

-Live fire show (open for all womyn & trans* folk to perform)

-and more TBA!

All day Saturday (28th) in Seomra Sparoi we’re gonna be having stalls from a load of different groups, campaigns, distros, etc. from around Ireland and beyond. So far we’ve got..

Girls*Rock Band
Girls* Rock! Ireland wants to empower women* and girls* to discover their musical and artistic possibilities

RAG – Revolutionary Anarcha Feminist Group
The RAG is a magazine produced by a diverse group of anarcha-feminist women in Dublin.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland
Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans* people and their families.

Abortion Rights Campaign
The Abortion Rights Campaign is an alliance of pro-choice groups and individuals in Ireland and Northern Ireland who believe that women’s lives matter, and women’s health matters.

-Mugro Pelut Distro (Hairy Nipple Distro)
Mugro Pelut is a feminist distro bringing you zines, stickers, patches. They have a bunch of stuff on mental health, fat-positivity, consent and more, in Spanish, Catalan and English!

Solidarity Books – Cork
Solidarity Books is an alternative meeting space and radical bookshop in Cork,  coming up to table queer and feminist books alongside other radical literature.


Seeing Red Project
Photography Exhibition: Seeing Red is a visual and physical menstrual art project. It is about making visible the constant, but often hidden, experience of bleeding. It is recognising and reclaiming the visual strength and beauty in the accidental stain, the purposeful stain and the intimacy of blood.

Siobhan Fitzsimons
Photography exhibition: “My works centres around the taboo of female body hair, it uses a personal approach to express and examine my own fears and anxieties about body hair. The aim of the work is to encourage the viewer to question their own views on the presence of body hair and what is beautiful. ask themselves why something so natural should be deemed disgusting.”

-Grainne O’Carroll
Art Installation: This project looks at the link between advertising and what society deems beautiful.
We are told what we should feel insecure about and then sold products to fix these insecurities.
Woman especially are bombard with messages about how they should look and behave.
Id like this installation to underline how ludicrous  advertising can be! Don’t be brainwashed!!

Textiles Grainne O'Carroll

-Dylan Hennessey
Presentation of clips from his upcoming film – “Dylan is in his 3rd year of film in the national film school. He is currently making a short documentary about the trans* community and health care which has taken him to both Ireland and England. He believes we can use modern media to help get across real life experience’s of gender identity to positively enforce what it is to be trans* to people, particularly outside of the queer community.”

Dylan will also be filming at Lady&trans*fest, please feel empowered to approach him if you want to talk to him, and he’s aware of privacy issues and won’t be filming folk’s faces unless there is explicit consent.

And here’s yer workshop descriptions. (They’re in alphabetical order)



Being a Parent and an Activist by RAG
Open discussion on what it looks like to juggle being a parent and an activist – and what it can look like for a community to support it.’

Bike Mechanics (womyn & trans* only) by Erris and Niamh
‘Practical skillshare teaching the basics of bike mechanics – in the Seomra Spraoi Bike Workshop.’

Clips from Upcoming Documentaryby Dylan Hennessy
‘Dylan presents a documentary about his own transition and the resources and communities that aid the transgender community in Dublin and London’

Consent by Sheila
‘A brief look at sexual education and media representations of consent discussion based workshop’

Decriminalization of Sex Work by Wendy Lyon and TJ
‘This workshop will look at the different legal frameworks sex workers have to operate in globally.’

DIY Bike Tube Floggers by Kate
A quick and easy 😉 tutorial on how to transform a bike inner tube into a flogger with just scissors and some tape. Bike inner tubes will be provided for up to 10 people’

DIY Cosmetics and Cleaning Products by Sheila
‘Practical skillshare – Recession proof cleansing: cheap & cheerful “how to” make your own products. Learn how to make Body Butter, Laundry Liquid, and Lemon Cleaning spray & facemask… and take some home!

DIY Sex Toys by Indigo and Kate
‘Sex toys & the world of kink can often seem inaccessible to us broke folk, & sex shops are 99% of the time shit & not queer friendly. But with a lil imagination & a bunch of old bike inner tubes, DIY sex toys are an awesome empowering thing to make. Feel free to bring your own homemade toys to show! &there will be a step by step instructional on making your own dildo.’

DIY tattoos by Indigo and Oli
Feminism is often about reclaiming our bodies and proclaiming to this fucked up world that they’re our bodies and we can do what we like with them, flaunt them, play with them and plaster art on them. So come down and give yourself a hand poked (stick&poke) tattoo. We’re gonna have the materials, but if you have extra disinfectant/vaseline alcohol that could help!’


Drag  by Anna/Julian Mandrews
‘Discussing gender and the art and politics of drag. The workshop willhelp participants create their own drag character on paper and give tips on how to create the character in person. Bring any make-up/clothes you think might help but this is not necessary to participate!’

Explaining the Asterix in Trans* by TENI

‘Our workshop will explore the restrictions imposed by the binary gender model & encourage participants to explore their own identities in a broader context.’

Exploring Privilege by Leslie Sherlock
‘In this workshop, we will explore how privilege and oppression function in relation to one another, and the links that these concepts have with societal norms and hierarchies. We will participate in activities that help us to reflect on our own privileged positions, and our positions in relation to others. Finally, we will strategise what checking our privilege and using our privilege in a positive way might look like.’

Female Body in Protest by Theresa O’Keefe
How can we ensure that feminist protests are more inclusive? We will look at different examples of protests that explicitly use the female body and how these protests tend to exclude people who are trans, disabled, or have bodies considered ‘abnormal’. We’ll then work together to see how to develop a toolbox for organising inclusive feminist protests.

Feminism and Punk by Lyndsey Putt
‘Despite punk’s anti-sexist ethos, it can sometimes feel like punk has an uneasy relationship w/ feminism & discussions around women in punk. We’ll discuss: Is feminism needed in punk scenes? How has feminism helped women in punk? Have you experienced someone within punk trying to silence or derail your opinion/convs around women in punk & feminism? How to support each other, stay strong, and cope w/ backlash, aggression, or negative comments we receive when this happens?’

Film screening: Audre Lorde The Berlin Years

‘This chronicles Lorde’s empowerment of Afro-German women, as she challenged white women to acknowledge the significance of their white privilege and to deal with difference in constructive way’

Film screening: Paris is Burning
‘This film documents the ball culture of New York City and the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it.’

Gender, Squats and Changing Locks by Zoe & Eris
‘Practical demonstration on changing locks (up the squats!) with discussion on being womyn / trans* in the squatting movement’

Inclusion of Trans* Issues into Feminism by Leslie Sherlock
‘In this workshop, we will explore the links between trans* activism and feminist activism, reconcile any tensions that arise between them, and strategise about what trans* inclusive feminism and feminist trans* activism might look like!’

Putting Our Ovaries On Their Rosaries -Knitting Workshop
by Abortion Rights Campaign
‘We will be knitting and sewing uteruses, this has often been used as a’ creative action for reproductive rights!’

Screen Printing by Effa
‘Come make yr own lady&trans*fest propaganda – bring some light coloured none stretchy fabric or raid Seomra Spraoi’s free shop when you get there. Lets make patches!’

Self-Defence by Lizzie
‘Jujitsu, mixed with other martial arts styles. open to all genders!’

Self Defence (womyn & trans* only) by Kathi
‘Learning to draw your personal lines, easy self-defence techniques, learning to deal with uncomfortable situations & sexist behaviour, how(re)act in dangerous situations & feeling comfortable & safe in your body.’

Sexual Empowerment and Sexual Health (womyn & trans* only)
by Leslie Sherlock
‘While staying safe from STIs is important to sexual health, the most impactful elements of a healthy sexual encounter are often more about communication, self-awareness and confidence in the context of widespread stigma. In this workshop, we’ll tackle these notions in a way that is inclusive of all types of diverse genders, bodies, sexualities and experiences.’

Sexual Health for Lesbians & Bi Women (womyn & trans* only) by Dublin Lesbian Line
Discussions around sexual health for lesbians, and bi women who have sex with women, is often a contentious subject; with women feeling they’re sick of being told what to do with their bodies or that their sexuality has already had enough negativity surrounding it. This is a safe space wfor sex positive discussion, information can be shared and the freedom to ask any questions that may be on your mind. Plus we’ll be showing you how to make DIY dental dams!’

Travels through Gender and the Middle East by Farah Azadi
‘A discussion on lessons learned from solidarity activism through self and space.’

Welding (womyn & trans* only) by Erris
Practical skillshare teaching the basics of welding. People will get to practice it themselves. Please bring old clothes/overalls if possible!’

Voice Looping Workshop by Ewa Gigon
‘Ewa Gigon wil invite you for deadly fun with Boss RC 20 loop station.
You’ll learn how to record live on stage and create a loop that is well set in time, harmonizing and ultimately building up an original composition using voice and/or everyday things. Feel free to bring some small, interesting sounding stuff , but most of all your awesomely creative selves!’



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