Bare with us as we’re still finalising venues, so we don’t know which specific nights they’ll be playing at but we’re really excited that we have the following acts confirmed, and more on the way. Yeaaah.

-Twin headed wolf-
Twin Headed Wolf are an eccentnric folk flavoured double act hailing from the wilds of West Clare

-Kates Party-
Dublin based queer pop punk group

Lo-fi feminist garage punk

-Cal Folger Day-
A guitarist and chanteuse with jazz leanings, psych-folk.
-Naoise Roo-
Somber toned songwriter Naoise Roo’s music combines stark vulnerability with a dynamic visceral vocal delivery, bringing you amazing alternative/rock noises.
-Old Moon-
Old Moon are a sassy 4 piece singing barbershop blues.
Deadbolt is a new 3 piece Dublin queer band with dark grungy 90s feels.

Carol Clown – Dolores
..will be performing a short clown piece!


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