Safer Spaces


We’ve been working hard to help the festival be, and feel, as safe as possible for folks, but we need your help too.
We hope you will feel encouraged to identify and challenge oppressive behaviours; please talk to us if you feel uncomfortable/need anything.
Please also be aware that we want to help resolve issues. If you’ve crossed someone’s boundaries, we’d love to engage with you and help figure out how to resolve that and prevent it from happening again.
Not all oppressive/aggressive behaviour is obvious in the first moments and we’re working to normalise discussions where we can all question and challenge the oppressive behaviours we’ve internalised.
Our feminism is one that is intersectional. This means that it’s massively important to focus on trans* inclusivity. It can be helpful if we all try not to assume things when we meet people – like their genders, and their preferred pronouns. Often, asking respectfully what people would like to be referred to as (he, she, they) can be a really great thing to do.


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