This is a list from Lady*Trans*Fest 2014, if you have something to offer for 2015 please drop us an email on email
or keep checking back for updates for this year!

The base camp for the festival is going to be Dublin’s autonomous social center Seomra Spraoi
10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1

Seomra is dog friendly, and the first floor is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets. We will be organising workshops and events also upstairs. Unfortunately the upstairs has no wheelchair access, but we can be flexible around where exactly to host workshops/events if you’ve got ones you’re especially excited about but couldn’t make it upstairs.
Seomra is also hosting the (mixed and none mixed) crash space for out of towners, let us know if you want a spot!

Friday night punk music will be hosted by Sweeneys live music bar.
32 Dame Street Dublin 2

We’ll be hosting Friday night in the upstairs room of Sweeneys, which is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Also Sweeneys is not dog friendly

Saturday night’s theatre will be held at Dublin’s LGBT community center The Outhouse
105 Capel St, Dublin, Co. Dublin City, Ireland

The evening at the Outhouse is going to be in the basement floor theatre space. Unfortunately due to planning regulations the Outhouse is only partly accessible. This means that there is a working chairlift leading to the basement floor, but no elevator.

Our awareness&safer spaces team will be there at all of these venues.


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